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Monday 11th January 2021

Innovation Resumed

By Jeff Peel
On March 4 2021, we'll be running our first event of the new year, in association with Gowling WLG. The two hour live streamed conference will focus on the new era of innovation that is emerging following lockdown. Many sectors have been impacted by Covid-response and for many businesses digital technology is seen as the salvation - delivering new business processes that have become essential to maintain revenue. We'll speak to business leaders and strategists that have embraced change through necessity - coming through the regulation maelstrom wiser and more resilient. Be sure to register for the event on Meetup using the link below.

TECH | The New Era on Meetup

Monday 12th October 2020

We're On Medium

By Jeff Peel
We have launched a new Medium publication as our main long-form content platform.

If you are a Medium writer and would like us to feature your content please get in touch. Here's the link to the New TTNE Medium site.

TECH | The New Era on Medium

Tuesday 8th September 2020

Watch On-Demand

By Jeff Peel
The live stream is over. But do not fret. Because all the videos are now live on YouTube.

If you'd like to make contact with us and discuss this broadcast based approach to thought leadership in tech please email me on - I'd love to hear from you.

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Monday 7th September 2020

China Dimensions: SoftIron

By Jeff Peel
Andrew Moloney, VP Strategy of SoftIron, was good enough to provide some perspectives on the current debate about China in the supply chain for technology goods and services. This interview was conducted a few weeks ago - not that long after the UK government made public its decision to remove Huawei equipment from the UK 5G network. In the interview Andrew outlines his view and touches on the view of SoftIron's CEO that dependence on Chinese tech is bit like the high fructose corn syrup in the US food chain.

Monday 7th September 2020

Partner Focus: SpainAI

By Jeff Peel
I recently made the time to have a chat with Paul Van Branteghem - one of the founders of SpainAI. The organisation is one of the biggest membership organisations for AI developers in Europe and is now growing its presence in Latin America. Many of the firms that are active in the SpainAI community are also, themselves, expanding to new markets, including the UK. This is the full interview with Paul that I recorded a few weeks ago.

Monday 7th September 2020

Company Focus: Connecting Food

By Jeff Peel
We won't have time to include this interview in our live stream on 8th of September but wanted to highlight it as a super example of a use-case for blockchain technology. Connecting Food is based in Paris and essentially tracks food provenance from farm to finished product. In this interview Coline Laurent explains the gestation of the product and uses some 'props' (including some French biscuits) to explain how the product works.

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Speaker Focus: Gary Stewart

By Jeff Peel
Gary Stewart was Chief Executive of WAYRA UK, the UK arm of the international accelerator network created by Spanish telecoms group Telefonica. He had a high profile job working with some of the UK's most dynamic tech startups and entrepreneurs. But now he's embarking on a new endeavour. He thinks Africa is potentially the next frontier for tech enterprise. But he also wants more diversity in tech here in the UK. It's for that reason, among others, that he has created The Nest. We'll find out more when I chat to him for TECH | The New Era. Streaming live on September 8.

Tuesday 28th July 2020

Speaker Focus: Madison Reamsbottom

Madison Reamsbottom is Executive Director of Valhalla Private Capital (UK) and Old Kent Road Financial (UK).

In this short interview Madison discusses some of the broad themes of TECH | The New Era with Jeff Peel of Quadriga Consulting, organiser of the event.

Madison and Jeff touch on themes such as the emerging tech scene in Africa, women in tech, the ethics of AI...just some of the topics that we'll be covering on September 8.

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Partner Focus: techUK

We are delighted to announce that techUK will be partnering with TECH | The New Era. techUK is the voice of UK tech.

is a membership organisation that brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. techUK collaborates across business, government and stakeholders to fulfil the potential of technology to deliver a stronger society and more sustainable future. By providing expertise and insight, it supports members, partners and stakeholders as they prepare the UK for what comes next in a constantly changing world.

techUK is committed to helping its members grow, by developing markets, developing networks and reducing business costs and risks.


Monday 20th July 2020

Speaker Focus: Mimi Kalinda

Mimi Kalinda is CEO of Africa Communications Media Group. As she puts it, "We support local, pan-African and global voices that want to tell their African stories. We dislike stereotypes. We respect cultural diversity. We recognise the role of tradition. We are inspired by innovation. We are contributing to creating a new African narrative aimed at shifting rigid mindsets, positively transforming perspectives and harnessing the immense potential that Africa has to offer." So it stands to reason why we wanted her perspectives on Africa Tech, the startup community, investment opportunities and more across the continent.

Tuesday 17th July 2020

Speaker Focus: Shail Mehta

I first met Shail Mehta, co-founder of gaming startup The Last Gameboard, at London Tech Week in 2019. We met again at Denver Startup Week just a few months later in September. Denver is an upcoming tech centre and many Devs are departing the stress and property prices of the San Francisco Bay Area for the quality of life that Colorado has to offer. But VCs are notoriously parochial in terms of the types of companies into which they'll invest.

We'll find out from Shail a bit more about the Denver tech scene and the challenges of building a company and getting a new hardware product built - from a Denver base.

Tuesday 15th July 2020

New Era Themes: China and the World

Just yesterday the UK government decided that 5G kit from Chinese company Huawei represented such a security threat that it should be removed from the UK network. New purchases from the company have effectively been banned. Meanwhile, China's 'brand' has been tarnished by aggressive foreign policy positions with Australia, India and the United States. Our China sessions will include experts on China including Dr Jonathan Ward - author of a major new book on China, China's Vision of Victory - and Internet governance expert, Dominique Lazanski.

Read the BBC report on Huawei and UK 5G

Tuesday 7th July 2020

New Era Themes: Assets and Value

The excellent Patrick O'Meara, Founder and CEO of Inveniam Capital, will be a guest speaker at our upcoming web broadcast TECH | The New Era on September 8. He'll be discussing property, distributed ledger technology and new era property valuation. Not to be missed. Just a reminder that we'll continue the PropertyTech theme with John Reynolds of Coadjute. Both will discuss how blockchain technology has a stong niche in the property sector.

Monday 6th July 2020

New Era Themes: AI Ethics

Kriti Sharma is the Founder of AI for Good and is now VP Product at market research group GfK. Her background includes stints at Sage Group and Barclays. Ross Dawson is a Futurist and Keynote Speaker based in Sydney. Both will lead a discussion, moderated by Jeff Peel, on how AI should be used to make our lives better rather than make us slaves to the machine.

Friday 3rd July 2020

New Era Themes: Future Work

Work will be impacted fundamentally when we finally escape from lockdown. Sectors will be affected so much that they may never recover. Retail, hospitality, travel and tourism sectors have been rocked to their foundations. Meanwhile, professional service and public sector workers are working from home - and many want it to be a new normal.

Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos MORI UK, and Michael Priddis, Founder and CEO of Faethm, will discuss what the evidence is saying about the nature of work in the post-lockdown era - but also when jobs are inevitably going to be transplanted by, or augmented by, AI.

Wednesday 24th June 2020

New Era Themes: Blockchain & Business

Hopefully we're over the hype curve with blockchain. The dodgy ICOs have gone away and blockchain is a time-served solution for business.

We've three blockchain big-hitters at TECH | The New Era. From R3 we've Jack Fletcher who will discuss blockchain and government. We've John Reynolds, Founder and COO of Coadjute, a company that's transforming the world of property one block at a time (pun intended). And Pietro Lanza, Intesa's General Manager, will talk about distributed ledgers and their impact on global trade.

These will be fascinating sessions. Don't miss them.

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Data Centre: Battle Lines

The current crisis has exposed business vulnerabilities. Supply chains have been affected. Trading relationships have been questioned. Data provenance and security are gaining centre of attention for the C-Suite. The kit and code that reside somewhere in the cloud that powers business is now subject to scrutiny. In this short interview Andrew Moloney of SoftIron discusses data, security and provenance. He'll elaborate on September 8.

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Keynote Speaker: John Mills

John Mills founded JML from his basement in Camden in 1986, and since then, the company has become a global multi-channel retailer selling over 15 million products a year. Today, JML is one of Britain’s most successful exporting businesses employing over 250 people. The success of the company has helped put a JML product in more than 7 out of 10 homes in the UK. Under his stewardship, over the last 30 years and more, JML has managed to stay ahead of retail trends through innovation and investment. JML was also one of the first distributors to identify the potential of online and was one of the first retailers to launch a dedicated TV shopping channel.

As an economist, John’s main interests are the relatively poor performance of western economies compared with those in the East; manufacturing and productivity; and the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Read John's Full Bio