Our next Live Streamed Conference: Innovation Resumed
Thursday March 4, 2021 - 12:30pm

TECH | The New Era

It's time for the thinkers and future-builders to come back. The story of the new era of tech and society is not yet written, not a done deal. The lockdowns will end. Let innovation resume.

Our second live-streamed event will be free to view on March 4. Be sure to register via Meetup. Our Quarter 1, 2021 events series is sponsored by Gowling WLG.

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New Era

Involving technology thought leaders, start-ups, scale-ups, commentators, analysts, writers, economists, investors, and policymakers.

Our objective is to provide a forum for some of the best, unhindered thinking on how technology can evolve for the new era and what technology solutions we should be building and funding right now.

We will also hear from those who see real opportunities for a V-shaped recovery rather than one that looks more like an L.

Our first event ran for over 9 hours during London Tech Week. Soon there'll be more.

For our initial event we had several “streams” covering, for example, the nature of work, blockchain disruption, the distributed company and innovation redefined. In our keynote line-up we asked how nation states might respond to the lockdown induced economic downturn and how policy making can be done when nothing is certain anymore.

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Previous Speakers

Founder and Chairman, JML
Group CEO and Founder,
Africa Communications Group
Chairman, AfricaPLC
AI for Good Advocate
CEO, Faethm
CEO, techUK
Private Equity and Funding Specialist
Chief Economist and Investment Officer at Tressis Gestión
Internet Governance and Cybersecurity Policy Expert
Author, China's Vision of Victory
Head of Regulatory Affairs, IEA
Journalist in Residence,
MIT Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship & Development
Founder & Editor, Times of Entrepreneurship
Partner, Global Tech, Gowling WLG
Vice President Strategy, SoftIron
Geospatial Tech Evangelist, Google
Founder and COO, Coadjute
Founder & CEO, The Last Gameboard
Government Relations, R3
Chair, NI Cyber Network
CEO and Co-founder at The Nest
Head Of Operations, UK at Government Blockchain Association
CEO, Inveniam Capital Partners


The conference is a Quadriga Consulting and Switch New Media co-production. We aim to create game-changing live broadcasts involving the leading subject matter experts. The event will stream across the main streaming platforms on the day.

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Quadriga Consulting

TECH | The New Era focuses on what's next for tech. We kicked things off with a live broadcast for the entire business day on September 8, during London Tech Week, featuring studio interviews and conversations via video conference.

Our plan is to build more content and events, drawing upon technology thought leaders, policy experts, economists and free market thinkers. Do get involved.

Quadriga Consulting